Who we are

Founded in 2003, iQmedia has placed client trust and building relationships as a core component of our business philosophy.  We don’t just sell product but we listen to our clients and their needs.  How a client conducts business will dictate the design solution, products, and services we deliver.

IQmedia originated as a Network Engineering Design firm. After years of service, we are now offering trustnverify, a Managed Services firm that is unparallelled in the industry.  While many managed services firms focus on selling products, we have kept our core philosophy and provide a service that is secure, reliable, and flexible. This, coupled with our trusted technical advisors makes our business model unique.  While our size provides confidence that we have the technical capacity to support your infrastructure, our client approach gives you the comfort of a trusted advisor.

We understand the need for proactive, responsive, and efficient service that your organization requires.  With that in mind, we turn our client relationships into long term partnerships.

That’s why iQmedia and trustnverify can satisfy all your needs as a Technical Managing Partner.  We’ll take care of your technical needs, so you can take care of business.